Black Hole Space Shirt

Space Shirt

Black Hole Space Shirt

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The Funny T-Shirt 

It seems like people rarely understand Space. Especially when you wear a funny space t-shirt because they don't understand the joke. But this space t-shirt has a quick call to action "stop looking at my hole." Nerdy, but at the same time gets a laugh out of everyone.

Our space gear was greatly inspired by the event horizon telescope. Thanks to them, we have a space clothing brand.  

Care Instructions:

To make your space shirt last the longest make sure you never use bleach.

When it comes to drying feel free to do whatever you wish.

You can throw your science t-shirt in the dryer, hang it outside, or throw it in the sky. 


    • Provides comfy fit.  Perfect for relaxing or studying.
    • 100% Cotton

    • Provides laughs or at least a chuckle to everyone
    • Front: Black Hole


    • Brand: Gildan Soft Style 

    • Ring-Spun

    • Black short sleeve shirt

    • Theme: Black Holes 

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