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A Short Story

I received inspiration to make this company because of NASA & SpaceX. Whenever, I walk through a clothing store I always see NASA t-shirts, NASA hoodies, & more NASA clothing, and recently SpaceX clothing. Then it came to me. What all of these companies are missing is comedy. None of these companies make funny science t shirts. That's what makes this space shop special, our comedy. 

The Black Hole Shirt Story

Inspiration: Many of my friends tell me "you're not funny." So what did I do... I blew a lot of money on some black t-shirts. The sole purpose of the first space shirt was to bring joy to other; and I can assure you it works.  

One day I was walking down the street with my black hole t-shirt & randomly these people just started laughing. Then they asked me where did get the shirt from. Then I realized I had something. That wasn't the only time. People just randomly started laughing when I walked by wearing that shirt. 

If you think you're not funny you came to the right place. For those of you that were given the gift of comedy why not add some spice to your pallet?

The Story: A boy goes on Fiverr to find someone to create his idea. He tries to find someone to make a black hole. 

8,341 miles away in India a woman begins to craft the black hole, she does the crafting with precision and improvises. 

That black hole would later travel another 8,341 miles all the way to a little city called Buffalo 

Finally, the shirt would come back to the US to be printed on a shirt.

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- Aaron from Space Stuffx

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