What is a Satellite?

What is a Satellite? 

A Satellite is a moon, planet, or machine. Anything that orbits a planet or star. For example, Mars is a satellite because it orbits the Sun. Likewise, Earths moon is a satellite because it orbits the Earth.

Mars and the moon are only two examples of natural satellites. However, there are thousands of artificial satellites orbiting the Earth. Many of satellites have similar jobs.


Why are Satellites important? 

Satellites are important because they have the ability to collect more data quicker than instruments on the ground. 

Satellites are often used instead of telescopes because Satellites fly above the clouds and dust in the atmosphere. 

Some satellites take photos of Earth in order to allow meteorologists to predict the weather and monitor hurricanes and some Satellites take pictures of other planets, the sun, black holes, and galaxies. These pictures help scientists better understand universe. 

Global Positioning System

However, most satellites are used for communication and tv signals & phone calls. Especially in todays world.

If you have ever used a GPS then you should know that importance of Satellites. GPS or Global Positioning System is a group of more than 20 satellites that pin point your location & send directions to your device.  

How do Satellites Work?

No matter the size of a satellite most satellites operate in a similar fashion. Satellites have an antenna and a power source. The antenna sends and receives information and The satellite is usually powered buy a solar panel or battery. The solar panels create energy by turning sunlight into electricity.

How do Satellites get into Space? 

The majority of satellites are launched from space rockets. Once the rocket bridge is his destinations the satellite is in drops into earth orbit. Orbit occurs when the satellites speed is in balance with the pull of gravity. If there is no balance the satellite will lose course and go in that direction until it’s destroyed. 

what is a satellite

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