The Spherex Space Telescope

The SPHEREx Space Telescope

Ever since the 1920s. When George Lemaitre proposed that the universe began from a single atom. Scientists have been wondering what happened before the Big Bang.

George’s Lemaitre
Currently, NASA is developing the SPHEREx space telescope (“Spector-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization and Ices Explorer”).

The SPHEREx Space telescope is expected to be the size of a subcompact car, according to NASA.

The telescope will be the first full-sky spectroscopy map in near-infrared. The telescope will observe a total of 102 near-infrared colors.

One of the main priorities of SPHEREx is a search for evidence of something that happened before the big bang. NASA is hoping to find mathematical patterns that can help them explain what happened before the Big Bang.

The space telescope is also hoping to discover information about galaxy formation and discern how the first stars formed. The SPHEREx telescope should be launched by Jun 17, 2024.


The SPHEREx telescope will tell us what happened before the Big Bang & how stars formed in the first galaxies. 


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