Hubble Space Telescope Facts

Hubble Space Telescope Facts

  • The Hubble space telescope launched on April 24, 1990. It’s launched from The Kennedy Space Center. 
  • The Hubble Space Telescope is about the size of a school bus and weighs 24,500 pounds.
  • The Hubble Telescope will orbit the Earth at 17,000 mph.

Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries 

The Hubble telescope figured out the age of the universe (13.7 billion years old). Scientists discovered this by measuring Cepheid stars- a star that pulses on a set cycle. 

If the Star is far away, it appears to be dim. This gives researchers an easy way to gauge the distance from Earth. 

The Hubble space telescope also discovered four of the five moons on the drawf planet Pluto. 

The Hubble telescope has been tracking seasonal changes throughout the solar system. 

In order to succeed you must fail

The Hubble telescope was launched April 24, 1990. A month after the telescope launched. The first picture came back. It was a devastation. The photograph was blurry.

Basically in simple terms the Hubble telescope had Mirrors these mirrors had to be perfectly curved so that the reflected light converges at a single point. This was not happening.

The fix 

NASA basically created glasses for the telescope. The glasses were called costar which stood for correct of optics space telescope axle replacement. Costar contains five pair of mirrors on motorized arms. The mirrors correct the light beam projected on the telescope.

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