The First Month on Mars: The Perseverance Rover

The perseverance Rover arrived on the Jezero Crater on February 14, 2021. For the past month, the perseverance Rover has been looking for evidence of past microbial life and collecting samples of mars environment for its future return to Earth. 

The perseverance rovers first big job will be to find suitable terrain for the Mars helicopter, named Ingenuity. Once the rover locates adequate terrain the Mars helicopter will leave the Rovers belly and will attempt to fly near the ground of mars. Then will return to the rover for more testing in the future. 

The Current Plan 

The perseverance Rover plans on stashing 10 tubes of mars dirt and rock from Jezero. Once the samples are collected, in 2031 the samples will be returned to earth by the NASA-European space agency campaigns. 

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