SpaceX Rocket Becomes Fireball

March 14, skywatchers saw a SpaceX rocket turn into a fireball. Due to the rocker failure, 120 reports were, dispatched to the American Meteor Society. In order to slow down the number of reporting, the American Meteor Society tweeted the fireball was not a fireball. However, a SpaceX rocket, nothing to be worried about. People all along the East Coast from Florida up to Maine saw the rockets streak across the sky. In the past, Skywatchers have mistaken SpaceX rockets for UFOs because they create strange clouds in the sky. 


On Sunday morning, 6:01 AM EDT. The SpaceX Falcon Nine rocket launched from the NASA Kennedy Space Center. The Falcon Nines mission was to carry 60 starling Internet satellites into low earth orbit. The starling internet satellites were going to provide internet for those in rural-country-like areas. 

Even-though, SpaceX failed. They will be successful next time.  

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