Moon Base 2024

moon base 2024

NASA is in the process of making the Artemis Program reality. The Artemis Program is like the Appolo missions, but better. This time NASA plans on creating a moon base. Currently, NASA plans on sending four inside of the Shackelton Crater. The Shackelton Crater is a prime target for human exploration. The crater may be rich in ice and Shackleton, is more than 12 miles wide and 2 miles deep which, is as deep as some oceans on Earth. The Shackleton crater is located on the moon's south pole & The Artemis Base Camp itself would be on the lunar surface. Artemis Base Camp will have a capacity of four astronauts. Astronauts will stay at the camp perhaps for a week.

Shackleton Crater


In the long term, the moon base will require infrastructure for power, waste disposal, and communications, as well as radiation protection 

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