Interesting Facts about Uranus

Uranus Data:

Diameter: 31,763 miles or 4 Earths wide 

Time to Rotate: 17 hours, 54 minutes

revolution: 84 years 

Uranus Temperature 

Clouds on Uranus average -315°F. 

However, the clouds on Uranus can reach a low of -370°F

The clouds of Uranus are primarily made of ammonia and methane ice crystals. The ammonia and methane ice is one of the reasons Uranus is blue. 

The Hubble telescope discovered that wind speeds on Uranus range from 90 to 360 mph. Hubble found that Uranus has a dynamic atmosphere.  

the Hubble telescope

Uranus Discovery 

Unlike most of the planets in our Solar System, Uranus was not discovered until 1781 by William Herschel. 

William Herschel.


No group of ancient people ever discovered Uranus because they thought it was a star.

Uranus spins sideways 

Uranus appears to roll on its equator about 97°. Uranus poles face toward and away from the sun versus Earth's poles which, face upward and downward. 



Uranus rotates on its side because, in early life, it was struct by a giant celestial body.

Uranus Rings & Moons 

Uranus has two sets of rings. The inner nine rings are most skinny and dark gray. There are two outer rings and, the innermost ring appears to be reddish. 

 Unlike most planets, The satellites of Uranus orbit Uranus in a vertical motion. 

 The Mons of Uranus: Uranus has 27 months. The moons take their name from literature; William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. That is pretty unique because most moons and planets take their names from Greek and Roman Mythology.

All of the inner moons of your Uranus appear to have roughly half water ice and half rock. Currently, the outer moon's compositions are unknown.

 The Largest Moons of Uranus are Oberon and Titina. 

Life on Uranus 

Life on Uranus is not possible. This should not be surprising due to the radical frigid temperatures. 

Uranus & Spacecraft

As of now, the only spacecraft ever fly by Uranus was the voyager two. The Voyager twos mission was to explore Uranus and Neptune. 

The Voyager two spacecraft was launched, on August 20, 1977.

voyager 2


  • Uranus is Blue because of ammonia and methane ice crystals. 
  • The Hubble telescope discovered that wind speeds on Uranus range from 90 to 360 mph.
  • Uranus was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel 
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