10 Facts About Earth

What percent of Earth is Water


Earth is 71% water and only 29% of land hence the name of the blue planet. If you’re reading this in the future, you might be thinking that I’m wrong. It’s not that I’m wrong; it’s just that the glaciers are melting. This means we will have less land and more water. 

Earth Continental Drift


About 800 million years ago all the continents were together the continents turned into a large supercontinent called Rodinia.

Rodinia eventually broke apart into many pieces. Then those broke pieces collided with the other pieces and created the Appalachian Mountains in North America and the Ural Mountains in Russia and Kazakhstan.

250 million years ago the continents came back together, forming Pangaea, a super ocean surrounded Pangaea. Once 50 million years went by, it began to split again. This time it became two continents; Gondwanaland and Laurasia. Then fast-forward to now. Gondwanaland and Laurasia have been fragmented into the seven continents we know & love. 




 picture of pangea




How does a compass work


If you ever wondered how a compass works, it relies on the earth's magnetic field. Earth has a magnetic field because Earth has a nickel-iron core. Earth has a magnetic field to protect us from the effect of the solar wind. The solar wind comes from the sun and consists mainly of electrons and protons. 


How many natural satellites does Earth have


Earth only has one natural satellite. Our beloved moon in the sky. Fun fact about the moon. The moon is about the same size as Russia, Canada and the United States together. For more information about the moon read this.

article https://spacestuffx.com/blogs/articles-about-the-universe-black-holes/what-is-the-moon-made-of

the moon

Planet mythology


All the planets in our solar system expect for Earth are named after Roman gods or goddess. Although to be fair, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were named during ancient times. 

How far is the Sun from Earth in miles


Earth is approximately 91.884 million mi away from our star, the sun. When the Earth orbit the sun, the Earth spins on an imaginary line called the axis. The axis runs from the North & South poles. Earth's days actually take 23.934 hours. This is called a sidereal day Not, 24 hours we estimate to make measuring easier. A complete orbit takes 365.26 days to complete an orbit around the sun or one year. 

the sun

How fast is the Moon moving away from the Earth 


Earth will eventually lose its only natural satiate Luna (the moon), At approximately 1.48in per year. At this speed, it will take billions of years for the moon to lose Earth's Orbit. The moon's orbit is becoming weaker mainly because of the Earth tides. The side that is closer to the moon has closer gravity. Meaning the side with no Moon has weaker gravity. The weaker gravity causes the Earth to stretch in a way. The most noticeable part is when Earth's ocean tides become higher.

When did life start 


Life on Earth started about 3.5 billion years ago. We know this because there ware microorganism fossils that are approximately 3.5 billion years old. This also makes sense because this is shortly after Earth cooled. 

Why Do We have leap years every 4 years?


Every four years we have a leap year because of Earth's rotation and it Earths Overtime they slightly overlap. Without leap years, our seasons would overlap, and nothing would make sense. For example, Summer would be winter and winter would be summer etc. Leap years were invented to make life simpler for humans.

Gravity isn't the same everywhere 


Suppose Earth was a perfect sphere. Gravity would be the same everywhere. Until recently, I never knew the Earth wasn't a perfect sphere. Once I did things began to make sense. Let me elaborate, Earth bulges at the equator because of Earth's rotation.

Earth is an obligate sphere, not a perfect sphere. Earth is an extremely bumpy obligate sphere. This is due to the tectonic plates.  

Gravity can't be the same everywhere because mountain ranges cause gravity to be stronger than it would be on a perfect sphere.   



  1. Earth is 71% water and 29% of land
  2. Earth used to be one huge continent
  3. Compass work because of Earth's magnetic field
  4. Earth only has one natural satellite 
  5. Earth is the only planet not named after a god or goddess
  6. The blue planet is 91.884 miles away from the Sun 
  7. The moon is moving away from Earth 
  8. We have leap years because of the rotation and orbit of the blue planet
  9. Life on Earth started 3.5 billion years ago
  10. Earth is an obligate sphere  

For more information, I would recommend reading our sources : 







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