What If You Die In Space

With space travel becoming more and more plentiful and Increase interest in colonizing mars. The idea of death in space appear more frequently than usual. Before we explore ways of dying in space let’s cover a brief history death in space travel.

Through history only 18 people have died since the creation space travel. which is a lot, however 565 people reached earths orbit. Less than 1% of these people have does in space. 

Astronaut Suit Damaged 

Astronaut suits are extremely durable. However, if an astronauts spacesuit is damaged and the oxygen and the shelter is damaged within 10 seconds water in the astronauts skin and blood would rise in their body being filled with air.
Then, all nitrogen near their skin would form bubbles, blowing them up like a balloon. They would be twice their normal size.
Once they reach the 15-second mark they will become unconscious.

At the 30 second mark their lungs would collapse and they’d be paralyzed.

However, on a good note most people will not make it to the 30 second mark because they would die instantly from decompression or at least be brain dead. 

if this idea sounds tragic to you. Imagine how NASA feels. fortunately, this is not happened yet because NASA has there head in the sand. Currently, NASA has no official plan on handling a corpse. 


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