Facts about Andromeda

Andromeda Profile

Type of Galaxy: Spiral 

Distance from Earth: 2.5 million light years 

Stars: 1 Trillion in the galaxy 

Name: Messier 31 or M31

Mass: ~1,230 billion M☉

Diameter: 220,000 light years 


facts about andromeda

The Local Group 

The Andromeda galaxy is part of the local group. The Milky Way is in the local group as well. The local group is an area in the universe where 20 galaxies are. About half of the galaxies on the local group are elliptical galaxies, and the other half irregular.

The Andromeda galaxy may not be the biggest galaxy in the local group. The Milky might be the largest. Astronomers have this theory because the Milky Way is believed to have more dark matter

The Andromeda will Collide with the Milky Way


In 4.5 billon years the Milky Way & Andromeda will become one. The galaxies are move towards each other at approximately 100 to 140 kilometers per second.

Scientists know this because the andromeda galaxy is  blue shifting towards Earth meaning they are moving towards each other. However, not until 2012 did scientist know for sure that the galaxies were destined to collide.

From 2002-2010 the Hubble telescope tracked the motion of the stars with sun-pixel accuracy. Research states that in 4.5 billion years Milkomeda will be born. 

Stellar Collisions

Andromeda contains roughly 1 trillion stars & the Milky Way contains about 300 billion stars. The chance of any stars colliding is very unlikely because of the huge distance between the stars.



andromeda and milky way collision

Andromeda's Name 

Andromeda comes from Greek Mythology. She is the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiope. She is the goddess of dreams. 

Who Discovered Andromeda 

In 1764, Charles Messier discovered Andromeda. Charles Messier was a French Astronomer who was born June 26, 1730, Badonviller, France—died April 12, 1817, Paris. 

Facts about andromeda

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