The Moon Illusion

The Moon Illusion & Super Moon 

The moon is always the same size. Except for once a year during a super moon. A super moon is when the Earth's Moon appears to be 17% larger than average. During a super moon, The Moon is brighter and more magnified.

When The Moon is on the Earth's horizon, it appears 2% smaller. Compared to when The Moon is high in the sky. When The Moon is directly above you, the radius of the Earth is-boosted. The moon is two percent larger because of this. 

The Ebbinghaus illusion

You are probably wondering. Why does the moon appear to be larger at times? The moon appears larger because your mind is playing tricks on you. One of the most popular hypotheses for this question is the - When an object surrounded by small things appears, larger than an identical object surrounded by bigger ones.

Relative Distance Hypothesis

Through millions of years, humans evolved. During this evolution, our brains have developed shortcuts to improve understanding. Our visual systems evolved to associate things near the horizon to be far away. However, your brain thinks that something far away might still be important. Your brain makes objects appear larger than what they are.

How to fix the moon illusion

If you are observing the moon. You can put your fingernail next to the moon. If you wait for the moon to rise, you can put your fingernail next to the moon again. You will find that the moon did not change in size.

In conclusion, the moon does not- shrink or grow. The moon is simply- tricking your brain. The only time the moon is closer to Earth is during a super moon.

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