Super pink Moon

Super pink Moon 

If you look at the full Moon this, Monday you should spot the Super Pink Moon. This Moon received its name from the wild ground phlox flower. The Moon will not appear pink. During April, the Moon will have distinctive pinkish coloration. However, to enjoy the beauty, you will need binoculars or a telescope. 

The Tycho's Crater 

The Tycho Crater 53 miles (85 kilometers) in diameter & can easily be, missed when stargazing. However, a few days before or after the Super Pink Moon, you'll be able to see a sunflower shape on the Moon. The Tycho Crater isn't very visible because it's located near the lunar terminator - the line separating day & night on Earth's natural satellite. 

Tycho crater

The Tycho Crater is Young

The Moon formed from debris approximately 3.9 billion years ago. According to an analysis of samples from Appolo 17, scientists hypothesis the Tycho crater is about 108 million years old. 

Who was Tycho

Many moon craters named after people & Tycho is no different. Tycho Brahe (born December 14, 1546, Knudstrup, Scania, Denmark—died October 24, 1601, Prague), a 16th-century Danish nobleman, astronomer, and writer known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical observations. 

tycho brahe

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