How Cold is it in Outer Space

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How Cold is it in Outer Space

Have you ever just wanted to go swimming in outer space? Pretending you didn't need oxygen, of course. What would happen if you went swimming in outer space? Can I hold my breath in space? No, no, you can't, Space has an average temperature of 2.7 Kelvin about -455 degrees Fahrenheit. You can't hold your breath in space, because space is a massive vacuum. What does a vacuum do? It sucks things. So if you take your helmet off in space, say bye-bye to all the air in your lungs & within 45 seconds you'll be unconscious. Then your body will freeze, or if you were in a spacesuit, your body would decompose in the suit—kind of like a mummy, a very mortified mummy. After losing your oxygen, you'll die from suffocation while your unconscious, in a couple of minutes UNLESS you're in an Earth-like atmosphere. Fun right? No. 

Temperature of interstellar space

The average temperature outside of Earth is 283.32 kelvins (50.306 Fahrenheit). In empty interstellar space, the temperature is around 3 kelvins(-454.27 Fahrenheit), which is almost absolute 0.   

How Do Astronauts Stay Warm in Space? 

Astronaut suits all have built-in thermal systems. Kind of similar to Iron Man "Mr Stark, your body temperature is going down, let me give you some heat beep-boop." Spacesuits also have a fabric mesh with embedded tubes for water circulation to draw off heat.

 the boomerang nebula

Coldest Temperature in Space

The coldest place in space is the boomerang Nebula. The Boomerang Nebula is a whooping 1 kelvin or minus 458 degrees Fahrenheit. The boomerang nebula is 5,000 light-years away from Earth. The Boomerang Nebula was discovered to be the coldest place in the Universe in 1995 by astronomers Sahai and Nyman. They made this discovery with the 15-metre Swedish ESO Submillimetre Telescope in Chile.

 eso telescope





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